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After years playing basketball professionally, we realized that the transition to the professional non athletic world was a cumbersome journey no one prepared us for. That’s when we decided to use the experience we have built over the years, to ensure that athletes coming towards the end of their professional career, were equipped with all the right tools to be successful in the next stage of their life, whatever that may be.

Our Mission is to empower every professional athlete who is transitioning out of his or her career into the “real world”.

Our Vision is to create a better retirement experience for all professional athletes.

Abiola Wabara- Founder


Abiola (Abi) is a retired professional basketball player whose career lasted 10 years, playing across Europe and the Middle East with teams in Israel, Italy, Hungary, Spain and the U.K.

Towards the end of her career Abiola obtained a Master’s degree in International Business Management, through a postgraduate basketball scholarship, and is now working as a Digital Consultant for a global technology firm.

In 2016, while searching for a new path in life, the idea of Globall Life came to live as a way to ensure that the challenges she faced during her transition out of the professional basketball world, wouldn’t affect other athletes.

On a personal note, Abi is Baylor University graduate, with a B.A. in Spanish, she was a member of the basketball team with which she won a D1 NCAA National Championship in 2005. Her passions are painting, giving back to the community, traveling and learning new languages.

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